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Handmade item Materials: shoes, swarovski crystals, swarovski elements, rhinestones, crystals, strauss

LET US CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN PAIR OF SHOES OR BOOTS with 100% genuine Swarovski Elements. Prices start at $100. Bring any shoe to life with over 60 available colors. Please check out our Swarovski color chart in the picture section.

This listing is for the custom pair of shoes shown in the picture, or similar design, customized with 100% Swarovski Elements. This particular design has over 5,000 individual hand-set crystals. Other crystal options available for lower prices. Prices are based on each individual shoe size,(size 9 and smaller, larger sizes may be slightly higher) crystal color and specific design. We can design any shoe or boot, with any color, partially or fully crystalized. We customize men, womens,or kid shoes as well. We offer special discounts on multiple pair.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Send us a note for more details.

Crystal Size Options:
20ss – This is a larger size crystal, you tend to get more sparkle and bling, but less crisp detail within the shoe
16ss – This is the next size under our 20ss crystal. You still receive a more sparkle and bling, but typically better detail than the larger 20ss crystal
12ss – This is the next size smaller than the 16ss crystal. You start to get more crisp detail than the larger sizes. You still receive a high quality bling and sparkle, but you get better detail with the smaller crystal than the 16ss, and 20ss size crystals
9ss/10ss – This is next size smaller than our 12ss crystal. You receive exceptional detail. The crystals are about half to a quarter of the size of our 20ss crystal and the detail is immaculate. The crystals are very small and the detail is very uniform.
7ss – This is the next size smaller than our 9/10ss crystal size. The crystals are very tiny and the detail is very pristine and the detail is crisp and uniform. It would be compared to a masterpiece.
5ss – This is the smallest size crystal available. The detail is impeccable! This represents the highest detail available. You still receive a very high quality bling and sparkle, but you receive the ultimate detail available for the ultimate work of art

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